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GVM Upgrades

What's GVM?

GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) – The manufacturer’s specified maximum weight, including contents. This includes fuel, passengers, luggage, tools and vehicle accessories eg. bull bar and winch.


Why upgrade the GVM?

We’re using our 4WD’s for far heavier work than ever, and often after throwing in a few tools, the camping gear in the back, adding a couple accessories or even hitching up the van or camper to then have your 4WD close to, or exceeding the GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass). Overloading presents a major problem on our roads because:

  • Consistently overloading or towing causes extra stress on Suspension, Brakes, Driving Gear and vehicle structure thus reducing the life span of your vehicle
  • The sagging in the rear end reduces handling and braking capacity
  • Overloaded vehicles are deemed un-roadworthy
  • In the event of an accident, an overloaded, un-roadworthy vehicle is not compliant for Insurance


Consider a few things before loading up for work or hooking up the van for that get away.

  • Your vehicle manufacturers GVM.
  • The vehicles added accessories e.g. Bull Bar, Winch and Recovery Gear
  • Everything else e.g. Passengers, Luggage, Fridge and its contents, Tools etc. (in many cases manufacturers only allow approx. 10 Liters fuel and approx. 68kg passenger.)
  • If you’re towing, what’s the Ball Weight of the Van or Trailer. (It’s also worth considering that a Van or Trailer also has a GVM)


Ontrack Automotive are a registered workshop with DOTARS (Department Of Transport and Regional Services), authorised to upgrade the GVM on approved vehicles. All GVM's are tested and approved for Australian standards. We’re the preferred workshop in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, delivering the support 4WD owners from Dandenong to Ringwood and Doncaster need. Visit our Ferntree Gully workshop today to learn more or get in touch on (03) 9753 5565, through our contact form or via email at



GVM’s available for:



  • Ford Ranger
  • Nissan Navara D23-Rear Coil
  • Toyota HiLux Gen8
  • Isuzu D Max
  • Nissan Patrol Coil Ute
  • Toyota Landcruiser 76 Series
  • Mazda BT50
  • Nissan Patrol Leaf Ute
  • Toyota Landcruiser 78/79 Series



  • Volkswagon Amarok



Speak to your dealer about second stage manufacture and have the GVM upgraded prior to registration. On completion a compliance plate will be fitted and the vehicle will be registered with a revised GVM.


Post registration

The GVM can still be upgraded after purchasing and registering the vehicle. However, additional fees will apply for an engineer’s inspection to gain Nationwide compliance


This CFA Patrol (Pictured Below) required a GVM upgrade to carry the additional weight in water and basic fire management equipment

Left: Before  Right: After

Before GVM Upgrade
After GVM Upgrade